Open API solutions

Classic Open API solutions for integration interaction

Integration solutions based on Dell Boomi and MuleSoft provide IT infrastructure flexibility, rapid implementation of integration interactions and maintain scalability of data flows with a minimum of operations.

Solution benefits
  • Easy integration of external information systems
  • The ability to flexibly configure and manage the parameters of access to services
  • Define and manage the number of service calls allowed for each client
  • Service usage billing

Open API — a class of solutions that allows you to bundle disparate services together with your systems. Companies use the Open API to quickly create new connections to services and easily scale their entire integration environment.

Solutions based on distributed ledger technology (blockchain)

There are a large number of blockchain platforms. There is no one that fits all solutions. We settled on Hyperledger Fabric. Including because IBM is actively involved in the Hyperledger consortium.

Hyperledger is a consortium within the Linux Foundation project. Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) is an implementation of blockchain technology to build various solutions. It is a permissioned blockchain platform.

Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information built according to certain rules. Usually copies of blockchains are stored independently on many different machines.

Spich is an example of our blockchain solution  

In 2017, we launched the Spich project.

Spich is a decentralized platform that helps track the original product along the entire journey from manufacturer to consumer.

It offers active anti-counterfeiting protection that is superior to passive protection (holographic stickers and similar solutions).

The Spich database is available to everyone in the chain, so the historical data cannot be changed.

For more information about the project, see the video or on the project website


During our work, we came to three optimal steps necessary for the success of any project:
Information survey

We analyze and conduct research for each task, form a specifications. We choose the appropriate technology and visualization methods of the data accumulating in the system

Design and development

We develop a solution step by step, at the same time we consult with the client to achieve the goal as soon as possible

Implementation and testing

We implement the solution into the system for further testing and refinement

We understand that any development includes many more steps and stages. The described three steps are the basis for the correct implementation of complex projects.

About US

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We created Inmar as an assistant to large and medium-sized businesses in monitoring and maintaining software quality, IT consulting, maintenance and development of corporate software at all stages of the life cycle.

Inmar started its official activity in 2017. But the average work experience of the company's developers is 10-12 years.

Target market

We provide services in the area of software testing, methodology and processes automation development, IT processes organization and optimization, maintenance and development of information systems, IT teams hiring.

Inmar started its official activity in 2017. But the average work experience of the company's developers is 10-12 years.

Work principles

We build trust and honest relationships with each partner. Business reputation on the market and the trust of our customers is deserved by respect of the professional community and the loyalty of our employees.


We implement projects for organizations in the financial, state and real sectors of the economy. Our clients are medium and large businesses. The experience is confirmed by the successful implementation of many large projects.




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